Longsys Half SD4.0 Boosting Microsoft Surface Book with Storage Space Upgrade

According to market data, the sales volume of Microsoft Surface Book at present has exceeded 10 million pcs with the continuously rising shipment quantity. However, in contrast, the dissatisfaction from users for the storage capacity is also rising; for instance, the available capacity is only 83GB for 128GB version. The reason is the operation system of Windows 10 and various pre-loaded applications take up quite a large space, which undoubtedly and largely strikes purchase desire of users caring about storage capacity. Read More

Digitimes Interviews Longsys: Opportunities and Challenges in Storage


Longsys, a mainland NAND Flash solution provider, put a bet on the embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) by cooperating with its partner Samsung Electronics in smart phones and consumer applications. Today, Longsys invests in SSD by seeking commercial opportunities from the mainland market to the globe, showing their strong confidence in the IoT and industrial storage markets.

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Longsys Electronics has launched 128GB UHS-I SDXC Card

Longsys Electronics has launched 128GB UHS-I SDXC Card, the Maximum reading speed is up to 75MB/s, and Maximum writing speed is up to 35MB/s, it can fully meet the storage requirement of High-definition digital camera and Video Camera. In the switch between Full HD Video and zoom cut, it achieves the perfect balance with the speed and reliability, it takes the latest Technology of Samsung 19nm Flash, with lower power consumption, which makes the battery of camera and Video camera last longer, and the cost is cheaper than before.

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Longsys Launch World’s 1st 32GB Micro SD

Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. launched the world’s first 32GB MicroSD card on December 13, 2009, which symbols the development of MicroSD capacity to a new step. The performance of this card reaches to SDHC Class 6.

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